To save space, I have used abbreviations for many of the references in the notes, and I have listed limited publication information in the notes for frequently used references.  That information and more that I hope will enable you to discover the sources I used is contained here.  Unless otherwise indicated, it should be assumed that all of these references were found in the State Historical Society Library of Wisconsin, in Madison.  The Library has an excellent set of Louisiana reference books and journals.


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St. John the Baptist Baptism Books, St. John the Baptist Funeral Books, St. John the Baptist Marriage Books:  I ordered copies of some records from the Archivist at the Archdiocese of New Orleans.  Usually I reserved this for transactions I found already indexed (usually in NOG).  This is not inexpensive - $12 per record – but can be important when the records you want have been indexed but not abstracted, as is true for many of the 19th century St. John the Baptist records.


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Les Voyageurs:  A publication of the German-Acadian Coast Historical & Genealogical Society.  The Library receives this, but I have the newer issues since I became a member of the Society in 1999.





There is of course a wealth of data to be gotten from the censuses.  There are limitations, but if one is careful, the censuses can help to fill in the gaps in the church data (and vice versa).  In general, I tried to work with the microfilm census data.  Many of these censuses have been transcribed, and it can be very useful to read someone else’s interpretation of the data, but one has only to read some of the transcriptions to note that there are significant gaps and uncertainties.  Again, I am indebted to the Historical Society Library for their inventory of censuses on microfilm.  Louisiana census indexes after 1870 I needed to order.  For censuses of the parishes from 1766-1800, I did rely on published transcriptions in various sources.





For some of the BLUM family ancestry, I needed to consult the city directories for New Orleans.  These directories are also of limited use, but if the data are there, they can be quite helpful.  Many of the BLUM ancestors lived in New Orleans in the second half of the nineteenth century.  The City Directories are available at the Library in either microfilm or microfiche.