The following is a transcription of an article printed in the “Waterloo Democrat” June 1893.


Reunion of the SQUIRE Family


The living children of the Pioneer Squire family that came to Wisconsin in the early times from Fabius, Onondaga Co., N.Y. met on June 22, 1893 to hold the first grand reunion at the elegant mansion of Thomas B. Squire, situated about one mile south of the village of Waterloo.  Those members of the Linus Squire family who were present and responded to their names at roll-call, were Amos Squire of St. Paul, Minn., Emily A. Vanderpool of West Mitchell, Iowa, Howell Squire of Dorrence, Kansas, Thomas B. Squire of Waterloo, Wisconsin, Chas. M. Squire of Spencer, Iowa, Chloe E. Frazee of Osage, Iowa, Eudora D. Marlott of Racine, Wis., and Flora E. Sloan of Marinette, Wis., and those of the Austin [Squire] family were the widow.

[She was] Rebecca [Barnum Squire] Giles of Waterloo, Wis., Manlius Squire of La Crosse, Wis., Homer Squire of West Mitchell, Iowa, Josephine Porter of Sheboygan Falls, Wis.  Henry Squire and wife of Zumbrota, Minn., represented the Nelson Squire family.  The children began to arrive on Monday and continued to pour in until on Thursday, the day of the reunion.  About 40 persons consisting of the children and the children’s wives or husbands and the children’s children were present to participate in the reunion Services, which consisted of Prayer, Singing, roll-call and responses interspersed with music.  Many of the incidents common to such occasions were constantly happening.

Amos and Howell, two brothers, rode from Watertown to Waterloo, twelve miles in the same coach two seats apart, passed each other in the car, without any recognition, and Manlius Squire of La Crosse, accepted with manifest surprise as his own sister, Mrs. Andrew Porter of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.

At the regular service the first name called was that of Mrs. Rebecca Giles. She, though nearly eighty-four years, responded with a song of her girlhood days with a voice as sweet and clear as then.

Rev. Andrew Porter in his happy eloquent and impressive style, to the calls for those of the families who have rested “that little while” on the “Delectable Mountains of the Land of Beulah”.  Letters were read for Linus Squire 2nd of West Mitchell, Iowa and for John B. Squire of Spencer, Iowa, both of whom were absent on account of illness.  Samuel Squire of Hanly Falls, Minn., being called, Rev. E. Hall of Wood Lake, Minn., a brother-in-law responded, and before the close of the services, addressed the meeting on his own account much to the enjoyment of all present.  After over a two hour session the reunion was closed by all joining in singing, “Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow”.

An excellent supper was soon after served up to the company by the host and hostess.  Soon after supper, the “Waterloo Cornet Band” appeared upon the lawn and in the soft twilight of a beautiful summer day discoursed some of its sweetest music, entrancing all that heard it and as soon as the last voluptuous well died out on the distant hill, then suddenly arose on the mild evening air, three rousing cheers for the Waterloo Cornet Band and the worthy ex-president of the village of Waterloo, who was in charge of the band.

The next pleasant experience that awaited this reunion company was in the church parlors of the new and beautiful M. E. Church in this place.  On arriving they found many old friends and acquaintances who received them with a hearty welcome, which was followed by music and a short address by the Rev. Andrew Porter which was well received, and then came ice cream which was a suitable presentation for the short and very pleasing entertainment, which awaited the company in the beautiful Auditorium above by the pastor and his estimable wife.  The company then retired to the parlors of Mr. Will Roach where it surprised Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Squire with a brilliant memento of the First Grand Reunion of the Squire Family.


Notes by Ellen Squire Fancy:

  • I added a couple of things in [] so it would make more sense.
  • Interesting that no mention was made of the family group photograph taken in front of T. B. Squire’s home.
  • My family has written down that it was “My Wild Wisconsin Home” that Rebecca Barnum Squire Giles sang.