The genealogical data - who begat whom - for our EMBSHOFF and FRAZEE families can be found in GED form at

Dorothy EMBSHOFF married Irvin ROME on Dec. 19, 1942, in Chicago. Irvin's ancestry is given at LOUISIANA ANCESTORS. Dorothy (on the left below), daughter of Leota FRAZEE and Arthur Charles EMBSHOFF, died June 9, 1996, in Gainesville, FL. Arthur and Leota were married on January 3, 1918 in Osage, Iowa. Leota and Arthur had met when Leota went to visit her DRESSEL relatives out in Washington. Arthur was the foreman at a local mine. The picture on the right shows them in their middle life.
Some pictures of Arthur's EMBSHOFF forebears are shown in the ANCESTORS of Arthur EMBSHOFF.

Some pictures of Leota's FRAZEE forebears are shown in the ANCESTORS of Leota FRAZEE.

Pictures of graves for both the EMBSHOFF and FRAZEE families are found in EMBSHOFF/FRAZEE Graves.
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Genealogy Mistakes - There are bound to be mistakes. Some are no doubt transcription errors, others are errors in my interpretation of data, a few are errors in the texts I have used, and some resulted when I edited documents. All are, of course, my responsibility, and I'd be happy to discuss errors. I'm most concerned with relationship errors. There are many omissions of dates and offspring, some because I didn't find the data, but others because I didn't pursue every family line completely. I would be happy to discuss these, but I may not add all the offspring of ancestral families. I will work towards this goal only as I have time, and if the family is not already well-documented on the Web.

Research for these genealogies was and continues to be done largely at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit them at I would like to thank them and recommend to all that you support your local historical society with donations.

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