The genealogical data - who begat whom - for the FRAZEE families can be found in GED form at

Much of my genealogy work on the FRAZEE family and relatives was guided by a book of memories from Leota FRAZEE. Ever since I married Leota's granddaughter, I have wondered where the name Leota came from. Then I discovered that there was a small community in Mitchell County, IA, called Leota, and I can't help wondering if her parents first encountered the name there. Leota's parents were Frank FRAZEE and Matilda McGINTY, shown on the left below at their wedding, about 1896.
The Osage FRAZEE family is shown on the right above. Father George Timothy FRAZEE and mother Chloe Etta SQUIRE FRAZEE are seated, with children (from left) Charles Morris, Weber, Florence Linus, Maude, and Franklin James standing behind.

George FRAZEE was an inventor and tinkerer, a watchmaker by trade. He built the 10th car licensed in Iowa. The car was restored to the condition shown below, and it is now on display at a local museum in Osage, IA. George FRAZEE is shown in his later years on the right, with grandsons Charles LETSON and George FRAZEE. Charles died in the Pacific during WWII, while George died in 1977 in California.
Matilda McGINTY's father Edward was a railroad man. Apparently, Edward McGINTY's father abandoned his children, Ed and two sisters, in New York City sometime in the 1840s. Ed's sisters were put in a Catholic orphanage. Little is known about the sisters, so I would appreciate input from anyone with information about this McGINTY family. Matilda's mother, Margaret Ann EVANS, was descended from farmers from Virginia and Kentucky. She is shown below with her second husband, Ed BURNS (Ed McGINTY died in a train accident in Minnesota in 1889), and some of the extended family.
Leota FRAZEE's identification of these family members is as follows (from her memoir).

Standing from left: Frances "Frankie" ELLEY (later Mrs. Ed GILDNER, she lived in Marshalltown, Iowa); Robert McGINTY (Matilda's brother) and wife Myrtle CHRITTON; Edward McGINTY (Matilda's brother) and wife Irva LANG; Kitty QUIMBY; Maude McGINTY (youngest McGINTY, later Mrs. Edwin DRESSEL); believed to be son of Thomas ELLEY and his wife - could be George W. ELLEY; Matilda McGINTY, daughter Marguerite FRAZEE (later Mrs. Cecil JEFFERSON), and Frank FRAZEE.

Seated middle row: Orville EVANS and wife Minnie; Uncle Thomas and Aunt Kate (EVANS) ELLEY; Grandma Anna EVANS McGINTY BURNS and second husband Grandpa Ed BURNS; Uncle Frank EVANS; Uncle Charles QUIMBY and wife Alice EVANS QUIMBY.

Children on grass: John EVANS (son of Orville and Min); son of unidentified ELLEY couple in back row; Leota FRAZEE (later Mrs. Arthur EMBSHOFF); Gladys FRAZEE (mother of Marian ECKFORD).

The reunion picture is undated, but from other facts (baby Marguerite was born in September 1904), we know the picture was taken about late 1905. The house where it was taken is still standing (and occupied, I believe) next to the railroad tracks in Osage, IA. The picture below was taken in front of the same house somewhat later. In this picture, Grandpa Ed BURNS (standing, left) and Grandma Anna BURNS (seated, right) are older; Leota (born 1897) is the young woman standing in the back, Gladys (born 1901) is seated in front of her, and the youngest, Marguerite, is seated on the right near Grandma BURNS. Mama Matilda McGINTY FRAZEE is seated in the middle.
Chloe Ette SQUIRE's father was a farmer in Wisconsin, Linus SQUIRE, who, along with at least one brother, moved his family from New York to Wisconsin in the 1850s. Chloe's mother was Polly BARNUM, a third cousin once removed of showman P. T. BARNUM. Chloe's parents are shown below. The pictures are from a book of photos in the possession of Ellen SQUIRE FANCY, great-great-granddaughter of Linus and Polly; we are fortunate in that these are two of only three photos in the book that are identified (Rebecca BARNUM SQUIRE is the other).
I have genealogical data written in the hands of both Polly BARNUM and Chloe Etta SQUIRE, which contributed greatly to my database.

A SQUIRE family reunion was held in June 1893 at the Thomas Barnum SQUIRE home south of Waterloo, Wisconsin. Identification was done by Ellen SQUIRE FANCY's grandfather, James Linus SQUIRE Sr. James was 10 in the picture. The names of the subjects have been assigned, and when known, their ages are given, along with their relationship to Linus SQUIRE and Polly BARNUM SQUIRE, or to Austin SQUIRE and Rebecca BARNUM SQUIRE.
Boys in front (from left):    Unknown;
                                           George PORTER (age 8, son of Andrew and Josephine SQUIRE PORTER, grandson of Austin and Rebecca); 
                                           James Linus SQUIRE Sr. (10, son of Thomas Barnum and Ellen BROOKINS SQUIRE, grandson of Linus and Polly).

First Row (from left):         Mrs. Ellen M. BROOKINS SQUIRE (50, wife of Thomas Barnum SQUIRE, daughter-in-law of Linus and Polly);
                                            Mrs. Henry SQUIRE (Mary Jane INGAMELLS, age 52, daughter-in-law of Nelson and Aseneth SQUIRE);
                                            Mrs. Chloe SQUIRE FRAZEE (46, wife of George Timothy FRAZEE, daughter of Linus and Polly);
                                            Mrs. Rebecca BARNUM SQUIRE GILES (83, widow of Austin SQUIRE, wife of James GILES); 
                                            James GILES (80);
                                            Mrs. Anna RUNYAN SQUIRE (36, wife of Charles Morris SQUIRE, daughter-in-law of Linus and Polly); 
                                            Mrs. Josephine SQUIRE PORTER (38, wife of Andrew PORTER, daughter of Austin and Rebecca);
                                            Thomas Barnum SQUIRE Sr. (52, son of Linus and Polly).

Second Row (from left):   Henry SQUIRE (53, son of Nelson and Aseneth WILLIAMS SQUIRE); 
                                            Mrs. Elizabeth PASSMORE SQUIRE (55, wife of Amos SQUIRE, daughter-in-law of Linus and Polly);
                                            Amos SQUIRE (58, son of Linus and Polly);
                                            Mrs. Emily SQUIRE VANDERPOOL (56, wife of Clarence VANDERPOOL, daughter of Linus and Polly);
                                            Charles SQUIRE (48, son of Linus and Polly);
                                            Manlius SQUIRE (54, son of Austin and Rebecca);
                                            Rev. Andrew PORTER (45, son-in-law of Austin and Rebecca); 
                                            William R. ROACH (33, husband of Vanette SQUIRE, grandson-in-law of Linus and Polly), holding son James
                                            Thomas ROACH (3).

Third Row (from left):        Mrs. Dora SQUIRE (30, wife of Frank A. SQUIRE, daughter-in-law of John B. SQUIRE) holding her daughter Josephine (2);
                                            Mrs. Flora SQUIRE SLOAN (34, wife of Joseph Allen SLOAN, youngest daughter of Linus and Polly);
                                            Mrs. Eudora SQUIRE MARLOTT (38, wife of George MARLOTT, daughter of Linus and Polly);
                                            Mrs. Claudine SQUIRE BEATTIE (23, wife of Simon BEATTIE, daughter of Thomas Barnum SQUIRE, granddaughter of Linus and Polly);
                                            Ms. Auzella SQUIRE (22, daughter of Thomas Barnum SQUIRE, granddaughter of Linus and Polly, later Mrs. Fred GOTH);
                                            Mrs. Vanette SQUIRE ROACH (27, wife of William R. ROACH, daughter of Thomas Barnum SQUIRE, granddaughter of Linus and Polly).

Fourth Row (from left):      Unknown, but I think this must be Frank A. SQUIRE (34, son of John B. SQUIRE, grandson of Austin and Rebecca);
                                            Howell SQUIRE (54, son of Linus and Polly); 
                                            Homer SQUIRE (52, son of Austin and Rebecca);
                                            Joseph Allen SLOAN (son-in-law of Linus and Polly);
                                            Dr. Simon BEATTIE (son-in-law of Thomas Barnum SQUIRE).

Ellen SQUIRE FANCY (great-great-granddaughter of Linus and Polly BARNUM SQUIRE) transcribed an article describing the reunion which appeared in the Waterloo Democrat in June 1893.
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Genealogy Mistakes - There are bound to be mistakes. Some are no doubt transcription errors, others are errors in my interpretation of data, a few are errors in the texts I have used. All are, of course, my responsibility, and I'd be happy to discuss errors. I'm most concerned with relationship errors. There are many omissions of dates and offspring, some because I didn't find the data, others because I simply did not pursue all the possible avenues of information. I am always happy to discuss family history with relatives and interested observers.

Research for these genealogies was done largely at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit them at I would like to thank them and recommend to all that you support your local historical society with donations.

A considerable amount of work on this genealogy was done using the databases at,, and Indices to all of the censuses from the earliest to the 1940 United States censuses may be accessed by using the resources at these sites.

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