Emil (son of Stephen NOVAK and Anna OCIPA) and Mary NOVAK were married about 1920 in Johnstown, PA. My father has identified the man on the far left as John NOVAK, about 18 years old, son of Stephen NOVAK and his second wife, Johanna KASCSAK.
Andrew Emil NOVAK was the youngest son of Stephen NOVAK and Anna OCIPA. He married Julia WILKOVSKY GABLE about 1917. Julia had several children when they were married, who were raised by Andrew as his own - Stephen and Emma NOVAK. Stephen and Emma were photographed on ponies in 1918, shown below.
Albert Thomas NOVAK was the youngest child of Andrew NOVAK and Julia WILKOVSKY, born in 1922; he died in March 2006 in California. The picture below is perhaps a high school graduation picture, taken about 1938.
John NOVAK was the oldest son of Stephen NOVAK and Johanna KASCSAK, my great-grandparents. He married Amelia (Millie) HAVEL in 1923. John and Millie are on the left below; I don't know the other couple.
Charles NEUN was another son of Stephen NOVAK and Johanna KASCSAK. I don't know the whole story of why Charles called himself NEUN. Below are Charles and his bride Margaret SOTAK, married about 1926.
Michael NOVAK was the youngest child of Stephen NOVAK and Johanna KASCSAK. He married Irene SAKMAR in 1933; they are shown below (center couple) at their wedding.
Irene was the daughter of Ben SAKMAR and Anna TIMCHAK. Ben's granddaughter Mary Ann NOVAK has thoroughly explored and documented Ben's history in "The Ben SAKMAR Story." Irene SAKMAR O'DAY, granddaughter of Jacob SAKMAR, daughter of John SAKMAR, and niece of Ben SAKMAR, has written a memoir of her mother Helen SEMAN SAKMAR, at "The Helen SEMAN SAKMAR Story."

The family of Michael NOVAK and Irene SAKMAR is shown below in February 1944. Irene and Michael are shown with their children Ben (age 1, on his mother's lap), James (about 5), Richard (9, was murdered in 1964 in the former East Pakistan), Michael (10-1/2).
Frank SANDERS was the brother of my Grandfather George SANDERS. He married Joanna STANKO. From left below, the wedding party are Agnes STANKO, Andrew SANDERS, Joan MLEY, Joe STANKO, Joan STANKO and Frank SANDERS at their wedding. I remember seeing Uncle Frank frequently at my grandmother's house, after her husband died in 1965 and his wife died in 1972.
I recently connected with the daughter of Agnes SANDOR DEMBROSKY. Agnes was my Great Aunt Aggie, who married Peter DEMBROSKY, and Mary Ann is her daughter. Mary Ann shared with me a collage consisting of Mary LAKATOS SANDOR, Joseph SANDOR, and their surviving children. Two daughters, Anna and Elizabeth, died within a few days of each other in 1906. The rest of the children lived to old age, and they are shown below with their parents. This is the first time I've ever seen a picture of my immigrant great-grandfather Joseph SANDOR. My Dad says he's never seen a picture of his grandfather before; Joseph died in 1914, well before my Dad was born. Clockwise from the top left corner, the people are: Mary SANDOR (KUPYAR) COOPER; the immigrant Mary LAKATOS SANDOR; Joseph (the shortest; Joe was the only one of the children born overseas), George (my grandfather, born in Wisconsin) and John (the tallest) SANDOR; the immigrant Joseph SANDOR; Frank (SANDOR) SANDERS; Agnes SANDOR DEMBROSKY; Mary (the taller) SANDOR COOPER and Aggie SANDOR DEMBROSKY; and Andrew (Uncle Andy) SANDOR.
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